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High Alert Podcast Episode 1

Sun, 05/06/2012 - 19:11 -- T-bo

High Alert’s first episode looks at the topic of “Living First, and working last”. According to the World Health Organization, in 2020 depression will be the second cause of disability, behind heart disease.  Economic upheaval has removed or reduced financially security for millions of people world wide.  This begs the question: what meaning and value does work bring to our daily lives?

To find answers, we start by consulting an unlikely group of people--musicians. We ask Tim Barry, Hugo Mudie and Jon Snodgrass, singer and song-writers who have dedicated a large part of their lives to making art to talk to us about living, working and their methods for balancing these two activities.

We carry on our exploration by consulting Brooklyn-based Rabbi Steve Blane who in recent years has transformed his work as a Rabbi in order to find balance with his life and the beliefs that govern it.

Also on the show, T-Bo will present the latest research on happiness; Jonah will be reporting from the Streets of Montreal, we’ll have fun, music and more… You are now On High Alert!


Tim Barry is an American grass-root singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He was the lead singer of the legendary punk band Avail. Since 2004, he has been doing folk music, releasing 5 records, touring the world. When off the road, he enjoys gardening, hopping freight trains, and be with his friends and family. *

Jon Snodgrass is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Currently lives in Fort Collins, plays in two bands: Armchair Martian and Drag The River. He tours constantly by himself, with his bands, or with other friends. When not touring, he helps his wife run a bar and currently has in hands full being a father.  *

Hugo Mudie is a Quebec Singer, songwriter, booking agent and record label owner. Hugo is best known for being the front man of The Sainte Catherine’s and Yesterday’s Ring. Currently he is busy putting the finishes touches on the Pouzza Fest. Aside from music, he's a father of two who enjoys practicing Yoga, being mindfulness, painting, and hockey. *

Rabbi Steve Blane is the founder and Spiritual Leader of Congregation Sim Shalom, an International online community of Liberal Jews. In addition to performing Jewish weddings, he officiates (or co-officiates) at Civil, Non-Religious, Interfaith, Spiritual and Same-Sex weddings or vow-renewals.   He resigned from the tradiational pulpit in 2009 after being offered the option of resignation or expulsion by the Cantor’s Assembly for his officiation of Interfaith Weddings.

Kai Nagata is a journalist and documentarian who lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia.  His most recent project "Renissance Man" is a crowd-funded, episodic web doc about a blind lute player jumping a motorcycle in the Mojave desert.

* Tim Barry, Jon snodgrass and Hugo Mudie will all be at Montreal's upcoming Pouzza Fest. Pouzza Fest is a party / event that takes place downtown Montreal on May 18-19-20 2012. Featuring over 150 bands performing in 4 different venues, walkable from each other. Put together by L'Écurie, the focus of the event is to bring excitment and the sense of community that is a big part of the punk scene, since it's beginning. We want this to be fun for everyone and to be an opportunity for the fans to meet new friends, hear new bands and visit the great city of Montreal.

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