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The Best God-damned Pie I Ever Did Have

Sun, 03/30/2014 - 07:03 -- Andrew

I like pie.  I like pie a whole-damned bunch.  My life was once a proud example of debaucherous excess and consumptive revelry.  Health and common sense have in recent years stripped, simplified and cleansed my habits to a point where very few vices remain.  The occasional pie is one such vice.  

As an x-mas gift this year, my beloved wife was kind enough to give me a handmade pie-of-the-month-club type coupon book allowing me to get a true and proper handle on the pie scene here in Montreal.  I am (of course) keeping the results of my monthly pie tasting in a publicly available database.  Follow along with me in my pie adventure at www.andorandrew.com/pies.


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