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Empathy and the Meat Industry

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 11:39 -- Alex

These are living creatures that we consume: creatures imbued with the beating spark of Creation; living creatures with the capacity to witness, feel and care.

These are living creatures whose existence we gluttonously steal, who are obscenely mass-birthed, tortured and sacrificed on a monstrous scale that defies comprehension, for things that we take pride in owning and devouring, loudly acclaiming how we could "never give up bacon".

We know that our consumption begets intense pain, that it relies and thrives on it. We know that these things called bacon, beef, down, we know that these things we consume were once vital, important parts of other living creatures, that they were precious to their butchered owners. We know that they are not abstract concepts, that their origins lie in Life.

And so why do we do it? At what point does empathy turn off, get justified?

This PSA by Farm Sanctuary provides a clever and thoughtful perspective on pigs and addresses the empathy issue through commonalities we share with animals - in this case, the capacity to play video games.

Accompanying art by the talented Sue Coe.

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