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The sexyness of disability

Fri, 10/04/2013 - 08:43 -- Alex

The Disability Scoop site is running this story on American Able, a series of photos by Toronto photographer Holly Norris that very effectively spoofs-critiques American Apparel's use of similar shots of women in advertisements.

It's a powerful series that's likely to resonate with anyone who's disturbed by the very narrow selection of body types on display in advertisements in general or who have been specifically troubled by AA's narrow choice of models -  young women posing in a sexually suggestive manner while wearing the company's more revealing items. The full series is here though I wish I could see a close up of Jes' rad arm octopus tattoo. From the article:

The photos are of Jes Sachse, a 25-year-old Canadian college student with a rare genetic condition known as Freeman-Sheldon syndrome. She has unique facial features, a curved spine and her right leg is a bit shorter than her left, but Sachse is not lacking in attitude.

The series dubbed “American Able” includes 13 recreations of actual American Apparel ads. In one called “Tight,” Sachse appears in a leotard to strut her stuff before an oversized window. In another ad called “Workout,” Sachse is shown wearing nothing more than a headband and green shorts.


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