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Z'Isle: A Zombie Comic That I Actually Like

Thu, 10/31/2013 - 18:10 -- Leah
I wasn't really into zombies until my friend and illustrator extra-ordinaire Lateef Martin told me about Z'Isle. It's a bi-lingual Montreal-based zombie apocalypse comic book series.
I'm into it because of
  • THE ART. It is so meticulous.
  • THE CONCEPT. Zombies are these hyper-consumptive creatures. They want to devour everything. It is kind of like our society. Yes? No? Let's talk about it.
  • THE OPPORTUNITY TO RE-IMAGINE THE CITY. It is in Montreal, 7 years after a zombie apocalypse. In the absence of anything industrial scale, new social organizations emerge, with their own systems of distribution and decision-making. The principles are: trust, trade, & hope. I am down with the DIY, refurbishing, upcycling, treasure-from-junk, sufficiency-valuing of approach to material culture. And it is neat to see models and diagrams of some tools that we could make right now, like this zipline made out of old bike parts and those pulleys that hold clothesline:
    Master Class Zipper
  • THE CHANCE TO TYPE APOCALYPSE OFTEN ENOUGH THAT I FINALLY SPELL IT CORRECTLY THE FIRST TIME WITHOUT THE HELP OF AUTOCORRECT. It's just one of those words for me. I always doubt if that middle vowel is 'a' or 'o' and I just don't want to depend on spellcheck all the time. I will be covering more aspects about this series and will interview the creators to find out more about which characters are on the highest alert.
Wait, maybe the apocalypse is coming sooner than I thought!! I see a bloody figure approaching. My friend just messaged me. OH NO. Can I copy and paste it quickly enough... He says:  
Every undead groaning cannibal from the Mile X to the burning edge of St-Henri. Someone's figured out how to corral them all in a stinking wave of worse-than-death.  No amount of bike bows, ringblades bloodthirsty Larpers or fanatical Papists can stop them, all we can do is hole up and stay quiet, bide our time.  
Get word to the people to prime their rooftop firepits and code their smoke signals with this message:
We'll be gathering at the Royal Phoenix (The Last Bar Standing) on November 14th at 10 pm.
Xtreme Paraphilia with be on hand with enough utility belts, masks and survival gear to supply us all.
Duct tape all the holes in your clothes, wear as much leather as you can and stay quiet. 
See you then and stay safe.
Oh dear, I better go. No time for proper spelling now. Just us, together: 
Z'Isle launch. -a free copy of our teaser a zombie make up booth -door prizes and prizes for best costume -screening of our crowdfunding film with DJs Roxy Moron & Sweet Daddy Love
I think there is a survival guide on the way. I'll try to get it to you before it's too late. In case I don't make it, stay in touch with Z'Isle on twitterfacebookinstagram, and tumblr.

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