Anything is possible-ness.


Birthed in Montreal in 2012, High Alert is a blog that showcases various revolutionary and mind-expanding/altering perspectives to make sense of the changing times.

In an age of emerging social movements and alternatively oppressive and revolutionary technologies, we stand resolute. Seeking bold new perspectives, paradigms and heightened states with which to face the unknown … we stand on High Alert


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Alex leads a life of projects. At the moment, that includes researching the power of DIY tek communities, doing sports-for-the-people and drawing water-colour maps of dungeons filled with monsters, traps and treasure. He bikes around town. He has cats.


Andrew has been a lifelong archivist of all things unique, eclectic and absurd.  He's also an active participant in variety of communities including fringe music and open source technology.  He has happily held a variety of occupations including ditch digger, chocolatier,  monastic beekeeper and imposter taxedermist.  He hopes to approach his new role as High Alert's resident raconteur with the same vim and vigor.


Leah wants to meet you. Inspired by your stories, she'll draw you into her constellation of community. Her current projects include exploring space and time through food in her kitchen and garden. She's also a doting aunt, a guerilla neighbourhood installationist, a 'fanager' for a couple of bands, a former baker, a doula-in-training, and works with her family selling Chunks of Energy (bite-sized energy bars). Wendell Berry and Viking Moses are her most recent muses. Be in touch if you want to talk about any of this, or interesting models of nourishment distribution.


Paul is a Montreal-based librarian, singer-songwriter, occasional versifier, and sometime theatrical writer-performer, among other things.


T-bo has been developing his own brand of radio journalism for more than 15 years! Seeing Buddha in a dried shit-stick, he's interviewed everyone from Steve-O to the Dalai Lama. His interests is in  documenting creativty in all walks of life.


Vijay is a Montrealer-of-the-world. A gentleman and a scholar, he rides bikes, likes cats and tells it like it is.