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Killer garage sale finds

Sun, 05/25/2014 - 06:06 -- Andrew

I managed to hit five separate garage sales as my family and I made our way from one end of the island to the other yesterday.  Some great finds all around, but pictured here are two of my favourites:

  • Starship Titanic First Class Cruise Kit: This is essentially a deluxe edition of Douglas Adams's 1998 Startship Titanic video game which includes among other things an audio book version of Monty Python alumni Terry Jones's Starship Titanic novelization, a copy of the game itself, a copy of the Starship Titanic in-flight magazine as conceived by Douglas Adams, the game's official strategy guide and a sleek pair of 3-D glasses.
  • Timothy McSweeny's Quarterly Concern #19: Issue 19 of McSweeny's is a weathered looking cigar box filled with interesting ephemera that includes among other things a letter from Donald Rumsfeld, two intriguing black and whit photographs, guides to fallout protection air raid safety, the dental records of George W. Bush and seven works of fiction.

With the 2014 garage sale season just barely begun, I can only conclude that I'm off to a solid start.

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