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One Day @ McGill

Wed, 10/16/2013 - 11:50 -- Alex

This is a bit of a shameless plug, but there's an article currently running on the McGill Reporter about One Day @ McGill, the newest component of the Personal and Cultural Enrichment program (PACE) which I run as part of my work at the McGill School of Continuing Studies. Developing this first slate has been a lot of fun and I'm very much looking forward to seeing this expand! I always smirk whenever I see this photo of me. It was taken just at the onset of my work at the university when we were in the thick of the Montreal Student Spring movement. During the photo shoot there was a demo going on and the photographer made what I felt was a pretty mean-spirited comment about the youth in the streets. We had a tense exchange and it made it hard to smile without looking like a dufus!

At the Schulich School of Music, percussionist Sean Mativetsky will host an interactive seminar on the music and culture of Northern India that will get participants sitting cross-legged and playing regional musical instruments.

Gwendolyn Owens, Senior Advisor, McGill Visual Arts Collection, will lead a tour of the campus in search of McGill’s art gallery without walls, while Adrian Sheppard, Emeritus Professor in the School of Architecture, will look at the cultural and physical landscape of Vienna in the early 1900s, including emerging political and cultural movements, such as modernism.

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