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PM Press: Outspoken Authors

Thu, 10/17/2013 - 05:21 -- Andrew
The good folks at PM Press have, since 2009, been putting out two or three books a year in their 'Outspoken Authors' series.  Each volume typically contains a stand-out representative work from a given author coupled with one or two shorter essays or interviews.  I've read three of these so far and enjoyed each one immensely.  John Shirley's 'New Taboos' contains a clever extrapolation on the commoditization of the penal system.  'Surfing the Gnarl' reveals Rudy Rucker's thoughts on a new system for classifying fiction as well as a smeel-soaked short story that demonstrates Rucker's unbridled imagination at its very best.  Cory Doctorow's 'The Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow' weaves the author's renowned obsession with Disney into a rolicking tale that features both giant robots and a post-apocalyptic hive mind cult.
The short of it: I can't wait pick up a few more of these and carry on reading.  They're short but potent and therefore ideal reading for my daily commute.  The good news: Concordia's Co-op bookstore has the entire series on their shelves and ready for perusal/purchase.

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