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Militarized RCMP intervention in Elsipogtog

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 10:47 -- Alex

Heavily-armed RCMP troops recently faced off in Rexton, NB against members of the Elsipogtog First Nation and protesters invested in preventing the extraction of shale gaz from crown lands which some believe could lead to resource-fracking and extensive environmental damage.

Compounding the hugely disproportionate and aggressively militarized response to what was essentially a peaceful partial traffic blockage, there are now reports emerging of media arrests and the confrontation having been exacerbated by agents provocateurs. From the Media Coop website:

Participants in the anti-fracking struggle in New Brunswick have been stormed by an estimated 200 members of the RCMP, some dressed in military fatigues. The police raided the Rexton blockade where Mi'kmaq warriors and supporters are camped out against SWN Resources Canada Inc.

Our reporter Miles Howe, who has been covering the blockade since the spring, has been incommunicado for approximately four hours. We have received a report that Miles was arrested this morning. We are still awaiting first hand confirmation of his arrest.

Photo by Ossie Michelin.


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