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The Pointe: Condoms

Tue, 12/03/2013 - 21:23 -- Alex
So there's weird things that happen sometimes in the Pointe.

Like this morning, when I got up, someone had put another condom through my mail slot.

I've only just started to notice them and as I recall, it's been 5-6 now, since the fall.
Each time, they're packaged in their plastic wrapper. Like someone bought a box of condoms and they've gone around the neighborhood, dropping them around. This morning, it was a Magnum. Last week, I got two Trojans - a red and a blue. About two months ago, when Savannah was staying at the house, we got a few then too and both of us were confused and thought that it belonged to the other and then we were doubly confused afterwards when we found out it was neither of ours. And it took us a while to figure it out because we didn't really know each other well enough to start asking questions about whose condom is this, etc, etc.
Because that's the thing - who's putting condoms through the mail-slot? And why?
Is this a weird, creepy prank or are they trying to promote safe sex? The first condom that got dropped through the slot, back when Savannah lived here, I ended up picking up and leaving on a shelf in the bathroom but then a week or so later, I flashed to Halloween candy scares from the 80s and went back and tried to look closely for pin pricks in the condom wrapper... Sure enough, the package seemed intact but it didn't feel right. Because who does this? They go out and buy a box of condoms and then separate them from the condom strips they come in and then they go around and put them through peoples' mail slots? In the middle of the night?

If this was legit, it'd be the condoms that come in those individual-serving little cardboard cases and it would have info on whoever's doing it. But it doesn't. So it feels weird.

I decided that I'm not taking changes with middle-of-the-night condoms dropped through the mail slot, so now I just throw them out.


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