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Choose Your Own Adventure - Montreal Style

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 10:08 -- Alex

So last Friday, over drinks at McKibbin's, Alissa, Andrea, Vijay and I decided we were going to keep meeting on Friday eves to explore McGill's various buildings after work. McGill is like the Hogwart's of Quebec and there's a gazillion nooks and crannies worth exploring. It's quite possible I'll be reporting back on High Alert, but anyway - afterward, we got generally excited about urban exploration in general and Andrea figured she'd let us know about these Choose Your Own Adventure tours of Montreal that happen regularly and that are organized by the folks at Chromatin.

The next on is on January 30 and seriously, these look like A LOT of fun. There's an archive with info on the previous tours - including, A Psychoquantum Teleconspiracy - a joint Winnipeg-Montreal March 3 2013 exploration on the theme of social control and quantum physics.  

“Are you now or have you ever been a member of the post-Higgs incompleteness theorists’ party?” Eerily familiar words, aren’t they? It’s no secret that since the polar ice caps melted and the Higgs boson was declared the “last” particle, the Powers That Be have taken bold steps in increasing social control. The sudden stability in quantum theory let them charge in with Green Rights Neomodernism and suppress all heretical psychophysical practices! We have resorted to the curious dead medium of the telephone to commune-icate as we can no longer trust the nets.




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