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20 ways to not be a gentrifier

Fri, 02/07/2014 - 16:57 -- Alex

Oakland, CA community organizer Dannette Lambert wrote this article about how not to contribute to gentrification in her city. And while it's written from the perspective of someone in Oakland, this applies to pretty much everywhere else where a neighborhood that wasn't all that popular suddenly becomes super popular and then condos and pricey bistros and so forth.

I currently live in Pt St Charles, QC and man does some of this stuff resonate.

5. Really think before you call the police. Ask yourself, is this something that can be fixed by a simple conversation? Did a violent crime just happen? Then, of course you should call the police! But your neighbor playing their music too loud is not a police issue. Remember many communities have experienced, and still experience, real trauma at the hands of the police. While you may think a person has nothing to fear if they didn’t do anything wrong, an African American will always be holding Oscar Grant and Alan Blueford in their mind. A simple interaction with the police can trigger the collective PTSD from which the entire community suffers.

6. Remember low-income communities and communities of color are suffering from hundreds of years of historic trauma and this trauma is very fresh in the minds of most Oaklanders.

7. Recognize most of the perpetrators of crime in Oakland have also been the victims of a system you have benefitted from disproportionately.



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